We have been featured in a variety of articles, radio shows, conferences and podcasts discussing the need for companies–particularly in tech– to diversify their workforce.  See links to several below.


“Silicon Valley lawsuit shines light on struggles for women in tech.” February 25, 2015. PBS News Hour (TV)

 “Which Women in Tech?” by Nicole Sanchez. February 12, 2015. USA Today (print)

“Varied approaches to increase diversity” January 30, 2015. San Francisco Chronicle (print)

“How some start-ups are winning at diversity” January 17, 2015. Inc Magazine (print)

“Can Intel Make Silicon Valley More Diverse?” January 11, 2015. The New Yorker (print)

“Improving Diversity at Tech Companies,” August 14, 2014. KQED Forum (Radio)

“Is there a Diversity Problem in Silicon Valley?” February 4, 2014. Bloomberg West (TV)

“Does Not Compute: Few African-Americans and Latinos in tech world.” February 2014. SFGate (print)