Business challenges come down to aligning on the right plan, and giving talented people what they need to make that plan a reality. We’re experts in both.


Strategy & Crisis Management

We design diverse and inclusive business strategies that prioritize your people - employees, partners, investors, customers, and the community - all of them. And when crises do arise, we’re there to guide you.



  • Executive Coaching & C-Suite Alignment

  • Ethical Expansion and M&A Strategy

  • Politically Charged Affiliations & Practices

  • Social Impact & Community Engagement

  • Addressing Harassment & Discrimination

  • Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

  • Customer & Partner Relations

  • LEGAL & ETHICAL Risk Mitigation



Recruitment & Retention

From sourcing candidates for critical roles to implementing inclusive management practices, Vaya helps organizations remove bias and align employee and business incentives to keep your teams engaged.



  • Candidate Sourcing & Placement

  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • Recruiting Strategy & Processes

  • Employee Engagement & Retention

  • Building & Leading Diverse Teams

  • Elevating Team Performance & Collaboration

  • Remote Workforce Management

  • Team Offsite Design & Facilitation



Business & Engineering Ops

We build systems around people. Vaya works with business unit leaders to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of systems, processes and policies that prioritize people and culture while improving the bottom line.



  • Automation & AI IntegratioN

  • Code Scalability & Algorithmic Bias

  • Development Workflow Redesign

  • six sigma Implementation

  • FP&A Process Transformation

  • Customer success Org Design

  • Product Prioritization & Rollout

  • Global Workspace Design & Expansion



Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is about your company’s voice. Vaya takes a data-driven approach to optimize your voice for current customers, expand laterally into new segments, and create buy-in within your sales and marketing orgs.



  • Customer Segment Expansion

  • Relationship-Based Selling

  • Sales Process Optimization

  • Culturally Inclusive Marketing

  • Business Intelligence & Visualization

  • Event Design & Production



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